Sep 28, 2017

What Our Members Think...

Here at the Hydro Club, we really care what our members think. We are constantly looking to improve our members’ experience, and so we asked them for their valued opinions.

Our members join for a variety of reasons and they all find different benefits from being a part of this exclusive club.

QTS Group have been a member of the Club for three years. Gregg McEwan said: “Being a member of the club means we’ve a fantastic platform for corporate giveaways and staff incentives. We get quick access to tickets and the customer experience is second to none!”

Gary Jackson and John Boyle of TClarke agree. They added: “We’ve been a member for three years and joined to provide a new opportunity to entertain business clients and guests. The dedicated entrance gives a feeling of real VIP status – it’s a truly unique experience for our guests. We’d love to see Bruce Springsteen or the Rolling Stones come to the Hydro!”

Reybyn Group joined to support their chosen charities. “The Hydro Club is friendly and luxurious. We love the ease of access to tickets and all the assistance we get from the Club staff. The parking is fantastic and the seats we get are amazing. ELO and Fleetwood Mac were incredible to watch, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled in case Stevie Wonder decides to come to the venue,” said Robert Nicol.

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